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Marty Baptist Mystic Garden Snake Print Shirt - Black

Marty Baptist Mystic Garden Snake Print Shirt - Black

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Marty Baptist has exhibited throughout Australia and Internationally since 2003. He has collaborated with a diverse array of creative partners and labels including Paramount House (Sydney), Cliché (France), Krooked Skateboards (USA), and Warner Brothers amongst many.

Baptist’s work combines a personal form of existentialism with raw expressionist symbolism.

Baptist explores the problems of human existence and centres on the experience of thinking, feeling, and acting through his paintings. A lifetime lived and experienced deep within skateboard and street culture have led to the development of an authentic and unique outsider visual aesthetic.

Baptist’s paintings are a mix of astute observations and out loud thoughts. His work has a dark sense of humour that he matches off against the everyday. His imagery ranges from oblique pop culture references to loose figurative observations. Baptist’s use of text adds a cryptic overture, ranging from gentle jest to subversive honesty.

Bus-stop graffiti and sgraffito meets ambiguous, elliptic text and symbolic imagery from the ancient and contemporary worlds. His sources are found in the underworld, chance encounters, late nights on the street, early mornings on the beach, overheard conversations, bar room chatter, confused situations and texts, online & on the phone.

Baptist's work is held in numerous private and institutional collections around the world.

JPN NATIONAL Mystic Garden Snake graphic print.Art by Marty Baptist 

-Dtg print.
-Ribbed neck.
-Set-in sleeves.
-Straight finish hem.
-Regular fit.
- 100% cotton mid/heavy weight.

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