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Cai Leplaw - Guest Artist - Square Shape Deck - White

Cai Leplaw - Guest Artist - Square Shape Deck - White

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- Guest Artist Board by Cai Lepaw

- 8.5"

- Popsicle shape

- LTD/50

- Made in USA 

white 1/50
black 1/50

Locations are just as much a subject of the work as the model, and I always strive to find a location that will complement the subject and add to the overall aesthetic of the shot.
When shooting on location, I prefer to rely on minimal assistance and natural lighting. I find that this approach allows me to capture the beauty and essence of the location in a more authentic and organic way. Shooting outdoors I tend to keep my kit lite, just taking a Canon EOSR6 and a versatile R series lens. This allows me to stay focused on the development of the image, without having to worry about production choices and how they will affect the overall image.

I prefer to work with a small team, as it allows me to focus on the creative process and fully immerse myself at the moment. I believe that this approach leads to a more authentic and personal connection with the subject and ultimately results in a better shot.- CAI LEPLAW
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